Solstice highlighting palette, worth the hype?

Hi guys, welcome back. Sorry it’s been a while… Again. I know I’m a little late jumping on the band wagon here, I’ve actually had this palette since June (I think?) but I’ve had so many other things to write about. I’ve been on some mad shopping spree’s just lately and I have so much to write about, I just don’t know where to start. I’ve been almost writing a paragraph of each post at a time just to try and keep up, it’s insane. Anyway, onto the review.


I purchased this palette a while after the hype had began and almost as it began to die down completely. I’ve heard such great things about it, I really have.
Allow me to start with the packaging. The outer box is super sleek and wait, did you see what I did there? Ha..ha.. No? Okay moving on, the outer box is matte and the inside of it bright fuchsia which I really liked as it’s quite different from what other packages tend to look like. The inner packaging/packaging of the actual palette isn’t as nice. It’s like a gold plastic which marks really easily with finger prints and is almost tacky. The palette does however have a huge mirror on the inside which is fantastic quality and I really love that considering the palette only costs £10 for four highlighters and comes with a wicked mirror? I mean you don’t even get a mirror with the Anastasia Glow Kits and they set you back four times the price!

Now the actual products, you’ve got four shades, all with beautiful celestial names. The first one that I tried out was “Equinox”, the coral shade and it looked so wonderful when I swatched it but when I put it on my skin it was awfully orange. I had to take off my makeup and start again, which was a nightmare before work. I then tried the shade “Subsolar” which is the yellow shade, on my best friend and it looked lovely, although again slightly too yellow. I then tried the only cream highlighter in the palette, which is the shade “Ecliptic”. I tried this on the tip of my nose and quite liked it. I also used this to create a red/highlight ombre lip, which looked awful but that was due to my skills and not the highlighter *insert laughing emoji here* I really hate emojis in blog posts but that sentence really requires an emoji, I’m leaving it like that.


There is one more shade in the palette “Hemisphere”, which is the purple one. But I haven’t tried that yet, out of fear that it would go as badly as it did when I tried the coral shade. Also, can I just mention how awful the brush is? I know brushes in palettes aren’t supposed to be top notch but lord was this awful. I gave it a go and it was so rough on my skin it almost took my foundation off while I was trying to apply my highlight and then some of the hairs started falling out?! After only one use as well..

So really, what I’m trying to say, is in my -probably very unpopular- opinion, the Sleek Solstice Palette was not worth the all the hype. I’m not impressed at all to be honest, which is a shame as I had such high hopes for this palette. The price point is good, the packaging is good, they look good but they just don’t cut it for me to be honest. (Sorry!)

What are your thoughts on this palette? Tell me down below and let me know what your all time favourite highlighters are!


August Favourites!

Welcome back darlings,

It feels strange writing a favourites post again after what seems like forever, but nevertheless here I am! I’ve actually got quite a few favourites this month so I’ll keep my descriptions on them short. But theres a quick bullet point list there, incase you want to skip to the good bits!

  • Velvet teddy lipstick
  • Morphe 35k Palette
  • MUG cupcake & bitten single shadows

First up an absolute classic in the beauty world:



Velvet Teddy – MAC Cosmetics




I feel like an explanation on this is not necessary, so moving on?

Next up is an item you will have seen that I wrote a post on just a few short days ago, which is the Morphe Brushes 35k palette, I adore this palette and it has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine, but for more you can go and check out that post!


To follow on nicely from that I have been loving some other single eyeshadow pans as well, these being Make Up Geek Cosmetics single eye shadows in the shades “Bitten” and “Cupcake”. I wrote about “Bitten” in one of my recent posts, which you can find here. And “Cupcake” is a new addition to my little collection, but I am loving it! Both of these eye shadows now retail at £5.50 and are worth absolutely every penny.

Onto something beauty related, but not actual makeup. Check out my new make up bag! This really is a thing of beauty, I had my eyes on this for so long and one day, my darling mother just appeared with it and said congratulations for getting my new job. Isn’t she the sweetest? But I have been 100% loving that this month!

So my final “favourite” of the month, is still beauty related but more on the social media/influencer side of things and that is Mykie. Otherwise known as GLAM&GORE. I have just recently stumbled across her instagram and then in turn her YouTube, after dismissing her instagram just a few months ago. I am honestly in love. Mykie is so beautiful and versatile, and beyond genuine in all her videos. Her YouTube has given me so much inspiration just lately and I’m so glad I found it. If you haven’t checked her out yet, then go and do it, she’s simply incredible. You can find her channel here.

I think that’s just about it for my August Favourites. I don’t really know what else to include here, so I’m going to leave it at just that. I hope you liked this favourites post, I’m sorry it’s a few days late, but it’s given you all something to look forward to right? Let me know what you’ve been loving this month!

Morphe Brushes 35k palette

Hi guys and welcome back to my little blog, I really want to start this post off by saying thank you to all that follow me on here and on instagram, which is where of course I post all my make up looks etc. I feel like there’s been a real surge in love and support on my social media just recently and I wanted to thank you all for that. Okay, now that I’ve got that off of my chest, shall we get onto what we’re all here for?

I bought this palette at the beginning of last month actually, but didn’t really have the chance to use it until July had practically ended. So I held off writing my review until I had given it plenty of use and figured out my favourite looks with it!


This is easily one of the most sought after Morphe Palettes, alongside the 350. I had to wait months to get my hands on this, when I saw it was in stock one day after payday, I couldn’t believe it. I almost ordered another palette but of course, I hadn’t tried any of their palettes before, only they’re single eye shadows. You can see how well that turned out, here When my palette finally arrived I couldn’t hold in my excitement, I squealed like a little kid, I mean I actually squealed! It came in a matte black box which I thought was nice as it protected the actual palette on the inside. As you can see I also purchased a brush alongside my palette. I mean, you can’t have a new palette without a new brush,right? I got the Morphe B84 brush, it was literally £2.50 from Beauty Bay so I thought why not. I must admit, it’s nothing special, but my brush collection really is minimal so it’s always good to add another, especially at that price.


Since I actually got the chance to start playing with this palette , I’ve used it almost everyday since. It’s really quite versatile, although I’ve been pairing it with my make up geek shadows a lot too. You can see on my IG that I’ve been using at least one of these shadows in every single look. Honestly, I’ve not touched the final two rows of colours as they’re much cooler tones and I find that they don’t suit me and my super pale skin.

The lighter shades in the palette blend really easily and have a really nice finish, but as you move toward the deeper browns, if you pick up too much product on your brush, they can be a bit more of a challenge to blend. But they always blend our perfectly in the end. Would I repurchase this palette? Yes. It’s a really handy palette to have, although before I get another 35K, I’m going to look into some of their other palettes that look just as beautiful.

I would 100% recommend this palette to anyone that is just starting out and needs some good neutrals, or even an MUA looking for some palettes for their kit. I love this and it’s super great for the price point as well, just £18.25 when I bought mine, however, beauty bay have recently upped all of their prices and all of the 35 shadow palettes have gone up to £19.50. I’d still pay that as well.

Have you tried this palette or any of the others from the 35 family? What did you think of them? Let me know down below!

Ps, August Favourites will be coming, don’t panic!

Makeup Geek vs Morphe Brushes – SMACKDOWN.

First of all let me start by apologizing for the lack of detail in the title of this post, the contents will actually be comparing single eye shadow pans form both Makeup Geek and Morphe Brushes, I’m really bad at titling my blog posts, I do apologize. Anyway, HELLO! And welcome back to my little corner of the internet. Would you just look guys? Two blog posts in one week?! I don’t know what’s happening to me, but my fingers won’t stop tip-tapping away at my keyboard. Shall we get into it? We shall.
Okay so this is a big deal. As you know from my delivery day goodies post, I already owned two makeup geek single eye shadow pans, one foiled and one normal, both of which are shown in the image below.


I recently picked up 3 new shades:

  • Bitten
  • Creme brûlée
  • Beaches and cream

First of all let me just say I absolutely adore the Makeup Geek single eyeshadow pans, I love the consistency of them, they’re so buttery and soft not to mention, the pigment is amazing. I’ve never blended something so easily in all my life.

‘Bitten’ was probably the most shocking for me, I’ve heard so many people recommenimg_8139d this shade and I’ve seen it swatches a thousand times in videos, so it was a must. But when I swatched it on myself, it was so much more red than I expected. I’ve only really just started my singular eye shadow pan collection, meaning I don’t really have a lot of colours to mix and match, so bitten was a really hard one to use. I do really like the colour, but I just need to be able to experiment a little more freely before I can give you the best judgement on it.

Next up, creme brûlée! This shade is stunning, it’s a great colour to put in your crease, as a transition shade and as an all over lid colour. I love it! It’s also super lovely for blending other colours together. Creme brulee, of course, is a matte shade. There isn’t much to say about this one apart from it is now one of my staples and I use it in every single look, so if your thinking about starting a single eyeshadow pan collection, start with one of these.

The final MUG shade, Beaches and Cream. This is an absolutely beautiful transition shade, I love it! To use, simply deposit beaches and cream into your crease with window wiper motions and hey presto, that’s all you need to know! It’s super simple and easy to use. 100% one of my favourites! I unfortunately for some reason did not get a picture like the previous two, I apologize.


I only purchased two Morphe single shadows because they only had two colours in stock that I even sort of liked, but I had to try them. So this led me to pick up the shades “Blackberry” and “Granite”. I bet you can guess what colour blackberry is can’t you? That’s right! It’s blackberry coloured! I mean it looks kind of like dark Ribena in the pan, which is odd. But it doesn’t really look that colour out of the pan. I’ve swatched them for y’all to see what I’m getting at here.

Blackberry is actually a lot more purple-Y on the lid than you’d expect which is really quite frustrating. If I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan of the texture. It feels kind of gritty? I just do not rate the formula for this at all. The swatch is the first of the two which you can you see on the photo above. It looks almost dirty. Weird.

Then we have Granite, which is a brown shimmer shade. This one again has that odd gritty kind of feel to it, which I don’t really get. However it does blend much much better than Blackberry does, although not nearly as smoothly as the make up geek shadows.Which brings me, rather abruptly, to the end of this post.

I will probably purchase another one or two when they get them in stock at beauty bay, just to give them another try, but my first impressions/first comparison result is definitely a win for Make Up Geek. What are the single shadow shades/brands that you can’t live without? Let me know down below!



Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Long time no post, eh?

I’ve got an extremely exciting post right here for you. The lovely team at seventeen have sent me some goodies to review for you. I’ll just start by explaining the post a little. So we all remember seventeen being the budget brand in boots, the foundation in your shade always sold out, the testers run dry and the stands were always a total mess. Well not anymore. The company have had a complete revamp! They’ve seriously upped their game and I am most definitely impressed.


First up, the “Easy on the eyes palette”. I was sent the darker shades palette and if I’m honest I’m a little gutted, I would have rather had the neutrals palette. I mean come on, a girl can never have too many neutrals! But nevertheless this palette was such a surprise to me! The outer packaging is a lot cleaner than what I had previously expected and again I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up and saw these pretty colours staring back at me. I actually got along with the colours really well, although most of them are super super dark, I like them. I prefer using these to create like a blown out smokey eye or something, as they’re not as pigmented as the colours I would normally use for the center of attention shades. Then we have the metallic shades, which are creams. Theres only 3 of these, sadly. These are beautiful and I love them. I particularly like the bronzey shade. It’d look so lovely in the middle of a halo eye look. I’ve swatched some of the more pigmented powder shades here and then the cream ones as well.

They’re really quite grungey colours aren’t they? (Grunge is goooood)  I’ll definitely keep this palette around as it’s actually just really nice to have some not so in your face dark shades. It’s also got an eyeshadow primer in the palette as well! Super handy!
Would I repurchase this palette? Probably not, not in this shade anyway. But I am definitely going to get my hands on the neutrals palette.

Next up is my favourite of the two items that they sent me is the “All out Pout” lip palette. There are 6 shades in this palette, with so many fantastic combinations to be made. I must admit again, I was super skeptical about this as I’ve never used a lip palette before. I’m experiencing so many new things just recently it’s crazy. Anyway, the first shade I tried on was the almost deep red shade which I really liked to begin with, until it faded. It faded on my lips like a pink lip stain? Which is fine because it looks nice and I don’t mind that sort of look for work. But I won’t be reaching for that shade when I’m going on a night out. The next shade I looked at was the gold. I have never in my life thought “Hey, I know what I want to wear today – Gold lipstick.” like what?! But regardless I gave it a little swatch and I became even further intrigued, I knew I had to try it out with something. Let me know if you want to see what I came up with!


Just look at how pretty that is! It looked so nice before I got my hands on it and made a total mess.

My only bugbear with this palette is the brush that comes with it, the handle just isn’t long enough and makes my hand cramp up. They’ve made so much space there for the handle, they could have made a fold out one? But to be honest we all know that the brushes that come with palettes are always pants so I guess I’ll just deal. Both palettes have a kind of Nars vibe to them in their new packaging, which is nice. They both also have mirrors, which is again a total plus for when your on the go. I’m actually really pleased with this palette and I’ll definitely be keeping it in my makeup bag for days when I fancy being a little more creative.

I am so glad and extremely thankful that seventeen have sent me these products and I’m inspired to try out some more bits and pieces, such as they’re concealer which I have heard some great things about. What did you think of this post? Are you feeling inspired to go and try some of their snazzy new products? Let me know down below!


Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to tell you about some little gems that I purchased across multiple different Kiko stores across the world. Okay so that was an exaggeration, I got some in London and some in Italy. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to purchase Kiko cosmetics in my home town!

The first of my fantastic finds, is an absolutely stunning  Waterfall Eyeshadow. I knew this would be a good buy as soon as I saw it, the size of the product is massive in comparison to the Makeup Geek shadows, not to mention the style is way cooler. JUST LOOK AT IT!

Oh god look at it glow.. I only got the one of these, although though I wanted the silver and gold too! The silver was out of stock and I do have foiled gold shadow from MUG, so I had to stick to just one. I am simg_7887o so happy with this lil purchase and I know it’s only a single shadow and I’m getting a little too excited but it’s genuinely just so pretty! I haven’t actually successfully used this in a look yet, which is a shame. Pink isn’t usually my colour, so it’s a bit of a struggle being able to use it, hopefully I’ll be able to use it on a client at some point.

Next, a lip product. I also got my hands on one of their Endless Love lip pencils in “03/ Cute Cherry”. Again I picked this up purely because it was in the sale, although I had previously heard good things about Kiko’s lip pencils so maybe that’s why I got this. Regardless, I love it! It’s so creamy and really intensely pigmented, it literally stains your lips. I’m totally going to get my hands on another one of these babies. I’ve swatched it here for you but if you want to see me with it on, just ask!


Now: more eye shadows! I know I have like a strange obsession with eye shadows, especially considering I don’t wear them on a daily basis. I just like to have options I guess. Another sale item next, is one of their “high pigmented shadows” it looks so beautiful in the box, but when I got in out and swatched it, I understood exactly why it was in the sale. It’s not in the slightest bit high pigmented at all. Although yes it is a lovely colour and I probably will use it, I just won’t be buying another one in any other shade. (You can see a swatch of it next to the next shadow down below)

Again when I was in London, I grabbed one of their “CLICS System” eimg_8840ye shadows, thinking it would fit in my Z-Palette. I was wrong. So wrong. You have to order a little container thing for it to slot in, which comes with a mirror and I wouldn’t be so bothered only I can’t order anything online from Kiko without spending £25. It’s extremely frustra
ting. I can’t use my shadow properly until I get a container, unless I miraculously lea
rn how to depot eye shadows over night! Anyway, the shade I got was 278/Pearly Cerulean which is definitely dupe for Makeup Geeks Boo Berry and I really love this colour but I’m kind of regretting it, purely because I can’t use it because I haven’t got that silly little container thing!


So that just about sums up my little haul from Kiko Milano Cosmetics, 2/4 were winners, not bad, eh? Would you like me to start rating the products in my reviews? I’ve been thinking of changing up the way I write a little bit, let me know what you think in the comments! See you soon!


Updates, excuses and general chit chat!

Hey guys! I’m sorry I’ve been super useless at posting recently, but that’s because I’ve been working super hard for something and I’m so glad that I can finally tell you…
I’ve been promoted! And not only that, it’s to my dream job. I have just been offered the job of Makeup Expert at The Body Shop! It’s an unreal situation for me to be in and I’m honestly  so pleased. I’ve been on a crazy journey with The Body Shop so far, starting as a Christmas Temp, back in November all the way through to now with this fantastic new opportunity.

So that’s my excuse for being 100% pants at this regular blogging thing. But in case you still don’t believe me, I snapped some pictures of what I created as part of my interview process for my new job.



I never thought I would be able to create anything like this, it’s actually madness. I’ve really gotten in touch with my creative side lately! I know it quite possibly doesn’t look like all that much to you super creative-type humans, but I can assure you for someone like me it is.

That’s part one of whats kept me busy just recently. The second, is multiple trips to London! I recently went to London, to go shopping for a friends 18th birthday and then the following week I was gifted with the opportunity to watch the Anniversary Games with my partner’s family, at the Olympic stadium.

Here we have a lil’ selfie that he took of us, followed by some beverages and a lovely photo of us inside the stadium.

I know this isn’t the sort of post that I’d usually do, and to be honest I think I’m going to start doing more different sorts of posts as I’ve really enjoyed writing this one. A final confession – there won’t be a favourites post this month.
I’m really sorry and here comes a bunch more excuses, but I’ve been working on so many other posts in fact here’s a list of some teasers to expect from me soon:

  • A mystery palette review.. or two?
  • Some goodies from SEVENTEEN.
  • A head-to-head on some of your favourite brands
  • And a whole lot more!

Stay tuned to see what I’m coming out with next and thank you for reading this post, with love, always x